Tilly’s letter to her former owner

Here I am, bathed for the second time, sitting on one of my favourite chairs.

Here I am, bathed for the second time, sitting on one of my favourite chairs.

Dear Julie Mum

I’m afraid I’ve let you down, and my tiara is a bit lop-sided today.

Yesterday I ran away from my New Dad in the park and I shot straight across the road. Actually I knew there was no traffic but he got in a terrible panic.

He said he’d called me and I’d ignored him but, you see, I was sure my Moonraker Mum was waiting for me in the car park. She wasn’t, which was really disappointing,

Well, we got over that little drama but, a couple of hours later, I’m afraid I found some of my favourite perfume which nobody else seems to like.

I think you call it Fox. It was underneath a hedge on a lovely piece of downland where we had been running.

When my Moonraker Mum came back and found me she said I was a little stinker because I’d rolled in it and rubbed most of my hair and my harness in it.

She gave me a warm bath outside when we got home.

Then a man came about the boiler and I kept barking at him because I thought it was important that he knew I was in charge.

Anyway she put me in the garage for a few minutes “to shut me up”, she said. My food bowl came with, but I found some rather good smells in the garage when I investigated. That was when I got covered in coal dust.

I don’t know how that happened because my people have a wood burning stove which I absolutely love, but I think they used to have a coal fire so there must still be some coal left in the garage.

Of course I had to have another bath, didn’t I?

Both my humans say that I still stink of Fox, but I do like the smell. Don’t you, Julie Mum?

Today, though, I have been perfect and was even polite (mostly) to four huge lurchers that we met quite near home.

We all hope you are well and are looking forward to having a walk together.

I promise to try and be good.

Lots of licks





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