Tilly and the sun dog

Tilly sees a sun dog but is not impressed

Tilly sees a sun dog but is not impressed

Dear Julie Mum

You have no idea how excited my Moonraker Mum was when she saw this thing in the sky. She says it is called a sun dog and she has never seen one before.

Well, Julie Mum, it meant nothing to me. I’d so much rather see a squirrel run up a tree. She wanted to take a picture of the sun dog and made me move from her lap so that she could point the camera through the kitchen window. I was a bit hurt because she normally likes me to keep her warm by sitting on her.

She then left me in the kitchen, fiddled on the computer (she’s always doing that) and bored me with all this stuff about her sun dog. It did make me a bit sad: I thought she loved me better than almost anything, and there she was, going on about a dog that I couldn’t sniff or have a chat with, and that can’t keep her warm.

Actually, I do like to keep an open mind on most things, except squirrels, so I listened as she went on and on about sun rays, how a sun dog can appear anywhere in the world if the atmospheric  conditions are right, and that the Greek name for them is parhelion. She even said something about Socrates, that Greek guy, because he wrote about them a long time ago.

All the same, Julie Mum, I much prefer going after squirrels so I am looking forward to our next walk in the park.

Lots of licks



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