A close encounter

Trucks at Fisherton railway brdige 16 6 15

THE Happy Moonraker appreciates good driving – not the sort where vehicles go at twice the speed limit through villages, ignoring pedestrians walking on roads with no pavements, but the sort of driving that shows skill and judgement.

Just see how tricky the situation was for these two trucks who met in Salisbury trying to go under Fisherton railway bridge in opposite directions. The one on the right is a massive flat-bed articulated truck laden with huge pieces of stone. The driver had to be careful not to jack-knife as he performed his manoeuvres, and also avoid hitting the pub on the right, but at the same time allowing the green truck enough space to get out of the way.

He succeeded within a few minutes, having damaged nothing in the process. I could have clapped in appreciation of his skill, but he wouldn’t have heard me. Perhaps he does this quite often as he heads to the Cathedral’s works department with his rocks: he would be quite likely to meet another HGV there each time he approaches that bridge.



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