Wake up, Waitrose! Where are you?

THM Waitrose sweets 7 15

CUSTOMERS will vote with their feet if you refuse to react to public opinion. We are not talking about stocking yet more varieties of muesli or champagne, but a simple thing: remove those wretched sweets from the check-out.

M&S have done it, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have done it. So have Lidl and Aldi. Why can’t Waitrose?

The packaging is of course attractive to small children. The Happy Moonraker was with 18-month-old William Andrew and, of course, he made a lunge for them as we stood in the queue because they look like brightly coloured things to play with.

Older children will know instantly that they contain sweets and, after a tricky half-hour of working her way round the supermarket, ticking things off the shopping list, humouring the children and coping with the odd tantrum, the last thing a harassed mum (or grandma) needs is her child or children pestering for sweets while they have to stand and wait their turn at the check-out.

So Waitrose, how about being responsible?

Do your bit for children’s teeth and parents’ sanity. After all, we know you can afford to.



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