A dog’s life in Salisbury’s shops

Tilly the terrier relaxes in bed after a busy morning of research in shops and cafés.

Tilly the terrier relaxes in bed after a busy morning of research in shops and cafés.

TILLY the terrier says it’s her turn now. She has been making a fairly thorough assessment of dog-friendly places in Salisbury and is keen to share the results of her findings with other dogs who may be reading The Happy Moonraker’s postings.

Whether it is sitting next to her human in a coffee shop or supervising the odd purchases in a charity shop, Tilly takes a keen interest in what is going on. Like any other self-respecting individual, human or canine, she hates to feel unwelcome,

She has heard her human moaning that every other shop in the town these days is a café or a charity shop, but in most of them she is welcome, which is good news.

Robert Lewis, who has the Belgian chocolate shop and café in the High Street, says: “We are dog-friendly if your dog is friendly.” No problems there, then.

Still in the High Street, Tilly has been into Raffinée, the Italian shoe shop, across the road to the High Street Post Office (she isn’t allowed into the main Post Office in Castle Street, though), into the India Shop, in Boston Tea Party (upstairs and downstairs), but she is turned away, with her little tail between her legs, from Café Rouge.

She is welcome in the Trussell Trust shop and also in the British Heart Foundation shop. As you would expect, she is always warmly welcomed into the Dogs’ Trust shop in Crane Street, but she is only allowed in to the Children’s Society shop if The Happy Moonraker is handing goods in.

As Tilly’s research is extensive she thinks it would be a good idea to divide her results into separate postings. She looks forward to telling you more about the shops and cafés that she has patronised, or been turned away from. In the meantime, she is resting.


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