Tilly takes a tumble

Tilly drying off at home after falling in the river.

Tilly drying off at home after falling in the river.

POOR Tilly the terrier had a bad fright the other day: she fell into a fast-flowing river. Not only that, she fell into a section at one of the hatches that are used to control river flow, so the stone lining meant she couldn’t clamber out.

She had to swim much further than she normally does and then got stuck, trapped in the river by the stone side.

The Happy Moonraker only heard about this adventure some hours after it happened, otherwise horror and panic might have prevented me being any use at all.

As it is, Tilly was wearing her little harness as usual so it was possible to lift her out of the water with the help of a huge weed-clearing fork.

It turned out that she had fallen in because she got over-excited at the sight of a stick that she thought was being thrown for her. If only she had realised it was being pulled out of the river, not being thrown in.

She was thoroughly drenched after her ducking and, because of her thick coat, it was hours before she was fully dry again.

I don’t think she has learned a lesson because she was back there a few days later, skipping about in the same place as though nothing had happened.


One thought on “Tilly takes a tumble

  1. Poor Tilly, I’m so glad she is ok. Barbara, a near neighbour of yours living in Somerset as I do. This is my blog should you be interested. Marchhousebookscom.blogspot.co.uk


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