Better days ahead?

Tilly on a beech tree, listening to chattering jays.

Tilly on a beech tree, listening to chattering jays.

Tilly the terrier hopes that her many fans enjoy 2017, and that they receive plenty of cheesy treats throughout the year.

The Happy Moonraker also hopes that the year improves for everyone after a depressing start.

With too many people in positions of power espousing the most loathsome beliefs, the omens are not good. It is up to the moderates to make our feelings known, wherever we are. We can’t look round when some appalling decisions have been implemented and say: “But how did that happen?”

Dog-walkers of the world unite. We have more power than you think.

There are also signs of spring all around, in spite of days of heavy frosts, dreary grey skies, and gardens boasting little but brown sticks. A careful look reveals snowdrops, catkins, and buds waiting to burst open.

We have had some lovely walks. Yes, there has been rather too much mud but you have to expect it at this time of year, and beech woods are always interesting and mood-lifting as we wade through puddles and thick carpets of brown leaves.

At home, when the ground isn’t too hard, the Happy Moonraker can always go out and dig up a couple of leeks. Granted, they are not everyone’s favourite vegetable, but I have devised one or two ways of preparing them which make them acceptable to just about everyone.


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