Doodlebone an all-round winner

Tilly, hard at work where she shouldn’t be, demonstrates comfort and ease of movement in her Doodlebone padded dog harness.

TILLY the terrier and the Happy Moonraker are always happy to endorse a product if it’s any good.

Tilly’s new collar/harness is one such product. Made by Doodlebone, it has all the features that any self-respecting dog would specify if able to do so.

It has soft padding where it is needed, it is washable, the stitching is strong so that it hasn’t fallen apart in the first few weeks, and it is made from a breathable mesh fabric.

Robustly made, it also boasts reflective edges, so if we are out at twilight, drivers can see both of us because the Happy Moonraker also wears a highly reflective waistcoat.

Then we come to the best bit for humans: it’s the D ring which is big enough to clip the lead on by using just one hand. A fiddly little D ring is an absolute menace when your hands are full and you end up having to put everything down in order to use both hands just to clip on the lead. So Doodlebone definitely win the trophy for both design and construction.


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