All caution abandoned

Tilly in one of the biggest and best puddles she has found this year.

WHEN I see how fastidious Tilly is about so many things, how careful she is when offered a titbit, and how she refuses to jump out of the car in the dark, I am always surprised by her attitude to muddy puddles. She goes straight in without any hesitation. There is never any question of walking in slowly to check the depth or making sure it is not going to cover her tummy in mud. In fact, the muddier the better, as she demonstrates in the photo above.


Nature goes its own sweet way

A self-sown sunflower that appeared from nowhere.

THE first photograph (above) shows a successful and wonderful sunflower, sown by a passing bird, which had nothing to do with The Happy Moonraker. There was no question of choosing the right position for it, no careful sowing of the sunflower seed, no watering, nothing. Just watching as this mysterious plant began to outstrip the neighbouring French beans in the vegetable plot. Easy gardening with a great result.

Carefully sown nasturtiums succumbing to a fatal problem, and no, it was not lack of water.

There is a moral somewhere because the window boxes of nasturtiums produced such a dreadful crop (above), in spite of all the care lavished on them.

A neighbour’s nasturtiums doing what they are supposed to do.

My neighbour, however, who claims just to have chucked the seeds into his brick tub, has the most amazing crop of flowers (above) that have lasted and lasted, and have made their way up and along from their original spot.

How can two attempts at growing nasturtiums just 100 yards apart produce such radically different results? It’s enough to make me abandon gardening altogether.