Helping our home town

Tilly the terrier pricks up her ears when she learns that Wiltshire Council is trying to help Salisbury.

IT is a positive sign that Wiltshire Council is now putting its money where its mouth is and doing away with all parking charges in Salisbury following the nerve agent atrocity.

In case you weren’t already aware, it is Wiltshire Council that operates and takes the income from city centre parking, not Salisbury City Council.

Not surprisingly I suppose, many people have been opting to stay away from the city centre, and the consequences for small businesses are catastrophic. They won’t have had the means to pay for an insurance policy to cover them against terrorist activity, whereas the big national companies probably have.

Even if shoppers were keen to support some of the traders in The Maltings, it simply hasn’t been possible because so much of it has been cordoned off, for obvious reasons.

So anything we can do to help the city centre is a good thing. Yes, there have been international media crews wondering around, bearing heavy cameras and hoping for the merest snippet of news.

They have interviewed random people and bought cups of coffee. Some of the foreign crews have stayed overnight in city centre hotels, but they can’t make up for the commercial buzz on market day, for example.

Life carries on. We must all support our traders where we can, including Tilly the terrier who is a frequent visitor to the city centre where she accompanies The Happy Moonraker to the bank, to many of the shops, coffee shops and parks.



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