Tilly’s heritage called into question

Tilly in the cowslips, looking as though she might have a corgi parent.

WE were in a shop when someone admired Tilly and asked what breed she was. As usual I said she was a pedigree SDWA which meant ‘Short Dog with Attitude’.

Her admirer said that she had a ‘jug’ at home which, she explained, was a Jack Russell crossed with a pug.

At that rate Tilly is definitely a ‘jorgi’ because I have always thought she looks rather like a corgi: her ears, the thick fur round her neck, her way of walking, and so on.

Jorgis of the world unite.


The happy sculptors


Happy sculptors: (l to r) Sean Henry, Roger Stephens, Jay Battle, Rebecca Newnham, Jonathan Loxley and Ben Storch, photographed in Salisbury Cathedral.

EVERY time this shot pops up on my computer slideshow it makes me smile.

They were all looking so happy, Roger later told me, because they had managed to install their respective sculptures for Salisbury Cathedral’s Liminality exhibition without mishap.

It proved to be a popular exhibition and all the pieces displayed were of the high standard that visitors have come to expect at the Cathedral.