I have always written down my thoughts and experiences and so this is a high-tech version of the notebooks I have kept over the years.

Tilly the terrier entered my life in 2013 because her Julie Mum (see blog) could no longer look after her.

She has had a profound influence on my life, not only with her intelligence but her willingness to try anything at least once. No matter how many of my interests involve her, she is a wonderful companion.

Tilly accompanies me to meetings, out jogging, chatting to horses, cattle and other animals, listening to live classical music, eating out where there is a sign that says “we are dog-friendly if your dog is friendly”, going on holiday and for long walks, especially if there is a squirrel somewhere.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jack Russells are the best dogs aren’t they? Probably all owners are biased in this way, and I haven’t ever owned another breed, or dog for that matter so am not really the best judge. But, I can’t imagine life without mine! Love your blog and reading about Tilly’s adventures.


    • Absolutely the best dogs, without a doubt.
      Sometimes people ask me if Tilly is a Jack Russell and, if I think they have a sense of humour, I reply that she is actually a pedigree SDWA.
      When they look slightly mystified, I explain that SDWA stands for Short Dog with Attitude. Of course.

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